MentDB is for sale!
50 million euros.
for a machine that thinks
(without auto-activation for now).
But she will soon be autonomous!


We are specialized in the development of complex solutions. We have a lot of algorithms, and put them to the service of our customers. More generally, we master the development around data ...

Our areas of expertise :

- Interoperability (SOA)
- Data Integration (ETL)
- Control of data flows (ESB)
- Application development
- Data Quality
- Machine Learning
- Predictive Analysis
- Mentalese Chatbot

We propose you to create your digital projects by relying on our MentDB platform.

More about MentDB ...

 Application development

We take back your applications in hand, and we develop your new solutions. We mainly use standard WEB technologies for pages, lists, forms, charts ...

 Data quality

We check the quality of your data. We net them, and reorganize them. We check that a date field in your database is a date. That a phone number field does not contain emails ...

 Data exchange

We help you exchange data quickly with your partners or your software. This is called the "web service". We guarantee user security and encryption of flows!

 Data integration

We extract, transform and integrate data.

Ex 1 : Read a mailbox, retrieve data attachments and integrate them into your software ...

Ex 2 : Retrieve data from a web-service and integrate them into your databases ...

Ex 3 : Read a CSV file, put the data in another format and send to another server ...

Ex 4 : Retrieve an Excel file compress, build an answer and send by email ...

Ex 5 : Get data from one database, and reinject it into another.

Ex 6 : Send mass emails.

 In the right place, right time

We develop asynchronously, and guarantee that your information have been deposited in the right place at the right time. We manage time with maximum efficiency !

Ex 1 : Execution of a treatment 24h after its request (at reception) ...

Ex 2 : Running a process when the processor will be available ...

Ex 3 : Execution of a treatment if a condition is validated, otherwise the treatment is postponed for 5 days ...

Ex 4 : Create and organize treatment sequences ...

 Machine Learning

We also provide you with standard learning algorithms:

Linear regression
We analyze your linear results, and predict trends ...

Multiple regression
We are doing data crossovers to see subcategories appear. For example: "Revealing a positive relationship between blue car demand and different demographic characteristics (age, salary) of buyers".

We calculate the best possible routes (per unit of time, distance ...).

Neural network
We train neural networks and reproduce instinct ...

We group people automatically, and find clusters

 Website and more

We develop your website, with a nice interface and general or specific features.

 Audit and project management

Entrust us your work. We have the skills.

 Diverse development

Do you have a specific need other than all the services offered? We are not closed to other technologies ... We will intervene with your teams to advise you or develop stable cores for your applications. An application is like a house, even in hurricane time, it MUST stay upright!

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