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  MentDB Weak
Interoperability, Business process, Web Development, Weak AI

Control all your data with a single programming language: MQL! This project represents 750,000 lines of source code... The server is open-source (GPLv3) and driven by: MentDB Weak Editor (GPLv3 AND Enterprise edition)...

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MentDB Weak Editor - GPLv3 Edition

Pilot your MentDB Weak servers in MQL! Automate your business processes with a compressed data language, manage or generate your API in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Perform Extract Transform Load (ETL) in synchronous ou asynchronous processes. Generate Web applications and train your AI model... With this version of the MQL editor (GPLv3), you can do everything, but not as well as with the Enterprise version...

MentDB Weak Editor - Enterprise Ed.

Same thing as the GPLv3 version, but you can on the same editor have access to several MentDB servers at the same time. All deployment options, MQL source differentiation between server and taking control of the entire architecture are available here! This version is also in GPLv3, but the access to the software is paying for each version.


This application allows you to monitor your MentDB Weak server, view all running processes and search/understand in recorded logs why one of your business processes is in error. The correction will be quick...

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Auto Report

This application allows you to generate and receive reports from your information system by email. You can also give rights to users to download their personalized report directly online. Different output file formats are possible...

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Task Manager

Task managers there are many, but simple and effective, less... You can create clients, groups and tasks according to different states. A good sample application developed with MentDB Weak...

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Time Tracker

You spend time on client missions, and you would like to know how much time you spend on each of them? This small application is made for you. Very effective in mobile mode...

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Neural Network Trainer

Train neural networks on CSV type data in the background, this application is very practical for simple neural networks. Feed Forward Processing...

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Concert Manager

Do you have a small music group, do you want to centralize the lyrics and chords of the songs you are going to play? This application is made for you! Lyric printing has been optimized to maximize the use of an A4 sheet...

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