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By Jimmitry Payet

Entrust me your development!

To convince you, discover my open-source project
- Smart Earth organization -
- Business process automation -
- ETL - ESB - SOA - AI - Apps - Web dev -

Access your data as if it were in one place.
Control all with one language (the MQL).
Connect and share with your partners.
Source code & Web-Service generators...


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MENTDB WEAK - 16 years
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Extract Transform Load
W117 - Several SQL DB into a centralized DB W30 - Import JSON file to DB SQL W29 - Import XML file to DB SQL W28 - Import CSV file to DB SQL W27 - Import Excel/Excelx file to DB SQL W94 - Call a Remote REST Web-Service W93 - Call a Remote SOAP Web-Service W92 - Retrieve mail from the IMAP protocol W91 - Retrieve mail from the POP3 protocol W89 - File Transfer Through FTP FTPS SFTP W88 - File Transfer and Execution through ssh W87 - Scraping web W86 - Excel File Manipulation W85 - Generate Microsoft Word documents W67 - Mathematical and physical constant W62 - Check data type W61 - File watcher W54 - Send mail (SMTP) W52 - File copy between MentDB server (tunnel) W51 - Manipulation of text or binary file W47 - DB SQL export to CSV file W46 - DB SQL export to JSON file W45 - DB SQL export to XML file W44 - DB SQL export to HTML file W43 - DB SQL export to Excel/Excelx file W42 - Extract data from a SQL DB (select) W41 - DML request (insert/update/delete) W40 - Manipulate SQL transactions W39 - Export with the generator W33 - Compression and decompression W32 - The connection manager W25 - PDF Export W24 - Multi-valued strings W15 - Data transformation W104 - Parse web site automatically W96 - Encryption functions W118 - Call GLPI throught REST web service W120 - Microsoft Azure throught IMAP
Enterprise Service Bus
W124 - Stack priority and nb max thread W16 - Running asynchronous processes W14 - Job Management (scheduler)
Service Oriented Architecture
W3 - Quick APIsation ... W13 - Method: post get put delete exe conf app W6 - Tunnel management W19 - High availability (clustering) W5 - The 7 MQL execution methods W63 - Parallel Calculation W4 - User and script right
Quick Start
W2 - Getting started with the MQL editor W119 - MQL Versioning W111 - Control many MentDB with one Editor W108 - Make a MentDB backup (2.2.5 and up) W110 - Download and Upload file W107 - Restore a backup (2.2.5 and up) W106 - Installing MentDB (2.2.4 and up) W97 - Installing MentDB (2.1.5 and up) W1 - Installing MentDB (2.1.4 and down) W8 - Variable environments W9 - Statement functions W12 - The basics of MQL W20 - Manipulate a JSON document W34 - Execute portions of codes W35 - Browse scripts W36 - Spot differences in 2 MQL scripts W37 - Web portal access W38 - Visualize SQL data with the editor W69 - Comment Management
AI, Analysis and prediction
W17 - Chatbot manager W49 - Product search with its description W112 - Manage Mentalese context W103 - Polynomial prediction W100 - DeepLearning4J and CSV W59 - NLP Text Classification - Bayesian W58 - Multiple Regression W57 - Training of a NN on CSV (feed forward) W56 - NLP Text Classification - Naive Bayesian W50 - Manipulation of 'Mentalese' commands W31 - Linear regression W22 - Calculates the shortest route W21 - Locate data clusters (Data-Science) W18 - Data quality W121 - Get variables from string
Web Development
W48 - Create Web App (back-office) with SCRUD W75 - Adding charts to your web applications W105 - Portal web 2 W83 - Change the menu of your web application W82 - Default User: admin and system W81 - Adding new web pages W80 - Navigation between pages W79 - Add HTML code directly to a page W78 - Addition of HTML code on 'onload' event W77 - SAJAX Tech: Ajax server side without WS W76 - Add a button to run MQL W74 - Display of a modal form or not W73 - Displaying a form by clicking a button W72 - JSON environment of a Web application W71 - Parameter passing between Web pages W70 - Restarting the Web Server W55 - Virtual Host
NoSQL (Experience Database)
W10 - Sequence management W95 - MentDB file system extension W53 - MQL Transaction W26 - Management of the 'file system'
W123 - Execution report W23 - Access to the OS W90 - The server.conf configuration file W84 - Metric and Session W68 - Reloading the server.conf file W66 - Eval function W65 - Kill MentDB session W64 - Kill process in background W60 - MQL execution at startup and shutdown W11 - Management of parameters W7 - Log management

Entrust me with your R&D!

To convince you, discover my private works
- Artificial Consciousness - Unconsciousness -
- Deep Understanding - Free will -
- Emotion - Theory of mind -

Lisa is a symbolic AI based on Mentalese theory.
This is not an application-type project,
She is the start of a thinking machine.
And day after day she becomes autonomous...

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Version 4 (2020)
5th layer - Free will
Videos will come here very soon...
4th layer - Unconsciousness
Videos will come here very soon...
3rd layer - Emotion
2nd layer - Consciousness
1st layer - Mentalese
Version 3 (2016)
5th layer - Free will
Incompatible with this version... In version 4...
4th layer - Unconsciousness
Incompatible with this version... In version 4...
3rd layer - Emotion
2nd layer - Consciousness
1st layer - Mentalese
Version 2 (2014)
Version 1 (2012)

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