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Jimmitry PAYET

Researcher / Developer
(+262) 0693 834 099

1 bis rue Alsace Corré 97413 Cilaos
Réunion Island (French Department)

MentDB (my projects)

Mentalese Database Engine

1 bis rue Alsace Corré 97413 Cilaos
Réunion Island (French Department)

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Hello everyone, my name is Jimmitry Payet and I come from Réunion Island.

I conduct research :

- on the one hand on artificial consciousness and autonomy in a machine, in order to create a strong artificial intelligence. I rely on the work of Jerry Fodor: The Mentalese. The Mentalese is the language of thought structuring the human brain. This language is able to accommodate different common languages and allows autonomy in a machine. My IA Lisa is now semi-conscious, emotional and completely multi-task.

- and secondly on the World Wide Data (WWD). The WWD is a global strategy. A concept of widespread standardization of the exchange of data or intelligences in real time between companies and softwares in the world. Stop using the REST / SOAP APIs which only gives you the ability to exchange data. (and more, long to put in place). Use my secure tunnels that are more powerful. These tunnels will allow you not only to exchange data, but also business intelligence. You will take control of all your servers internally more easily, from a single point, and cooperate with the outside just as easily. You will save time, money, but most importantly, you will enter the WWD. And that's good for humanity.

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