MySQL DB (Used to save process status and log activity)
Service Oriented Architecture (Create your web services easily + Security + User right)
Extract and Load (ETL functions)
Enterprise Service Bus (Stack and Job - Execution with delay)
Application Manager (Create your web applications easily)
Data transformation (ETL functions)
Machine Learning
Predictive Analysis and Data Quality
Storage structure
Experience Database (NoSQL)
Portal (All accesses gathered in 1 point)
MentDB Project (Description of the project)
REST API (Connect your external applications to MentDB)
MQL Documentation
Trigger (Save your connections for the Java Editor)
Java Editor (Development GUI)
Liza (chatbot)
Application Manager
Java API (Execute MQL with Java)
Web Socket API (Send message to Liza)
Business layer
Mentalese layer
Mental process
Emotional cooperation
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Welcome to MentDB,  The first mentalese database engine.

What is it ? It is a new way to consider the future. MentDB is a cognitive platform which will allow you to control your information system in natural language.
SOA architecture

MentDB allows you to record and organize all your developments in scripts. Your business scripts will be immediately REST Full, documented, secured by users and encrypted. No more spaghetti dishes! You can not only transfer your data by web-service, but also business logic active ! And icing on the cake, your processes can be fully mapped. It is therefore very easy to know where there is a bug in your applications. The time saved to ensure the patches is considerable! And you know it, time is money!
ETL development

MentDB can help you create ETL type processes (Extract data from your IS, transform it and re-inject it into other software / formats). Already ready algorithms will help you go faster. Sources and destinations : JSON, XML, File, CSV, REST and SOAP, Compress, SQL, MentDB, Pop3, Imap, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, CIFS, SSH, Excel, Excelx ...
ESB development

MentDB has everything you need to guarantee process execution and information transfer asynchronously. It will process your scripts in time and in hours, with maximum efficiency.
Data quality

MentDB can work on the quality of your data, network it, reorganize it and prepare it for analysis. Your data is ready to give you their little secrets ...
Application development

MentDB allows you to create web applications (HTLM + CSS + BOOTSTRAP + AJAX). All thanks to its MQL language that allows you to do SCRUD operations with AJAX development server side without web-service.
Machine learning

MentDB also provide you with standard learning algorithms:

Linear regression
Multiple regression
Neural network

All the above features can be controlled by Lisa the AI ...

Go to demonstration ...

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